Bernadette White
1st Vice President PP&D

St. Louis Alumnae Chapter 1st Vice President Bernadette White



Breakfast with Santa

Rega Wesley-Stewart: Co-Chair
Tonya Jackson: Co-Chair
Paula Addoh: Co-Chair

Community Awareness & Involvement

Monica Perry: Chair
Daraa Seward: Co-chair

Delta Academy (Ages 11 - 13)

Michelle Simmons-Vincent: Chair

Delta GEMS (Ages 14 - 18)

Jonelle Lofton: Chair

Delta Twinkles (Ages 6 - 10)

Alice Miller: Chair
Deatra Whitfield: Co-chair

Dive Into Books with Delta

Linda Compton: Chair
Karen Goldman: Co-chair

Economic Development

Teresa Hargrow-Simmons: Chair
Lucille Silbert: Co-chair
Gwen Blackmon: Co-chair

Education - Mind Guard

Lawanda Hall: Chair
Anjanette Clark: Co-chair

International Awareness & Involvement

Brittanie Shanks: Chair

Physical & Mental Health

Aryn Bostic: Chair
Dr. Stacy Jefferson: Co-chair
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